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Required Notifications

Responsive to the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1985, Morristown Central School District inspected all facilities and developed a management plan for the building.  The AHERA management plan is available for inspection in the office of the Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation.

This annual notice is provided for all parents, staff, and building occupants.  Any questions regarding the AHERA management plan should be directed to John Barse, Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation, at 375-8814, ext. 21003.

Schools are required to maintain a list of staff and persons in parental relation who wish to receive forty-eight hour prior written notification of pesticide applications at relevant facilities and procedures on how to register with the school to be on such a list for notification. This notice shall be made available at the beginning of the summer school session and at the beginning of each school year.

If you would like to obtain information about the products being applied, including warnings that appear on the label of pesticides used, or would like to be placed on our notification list please contact: 315-375-8814 ext. 21003.

School Representative: John Barse
List of products used which require prior written notification:  None
Location: None
Dates of Use: None
Emergency application since last application: None

Upon request, the district shall release to parents/legal guardians the final quality ratings for teachers and principals to whom their child is currently assigned. Parents/legal guardians may contact the building principal to set up an appointment to receive, in person, the final quality rating for their child’s teacher(s) and principal. In accordance with the law, prior to the release of any data, school officials shall make reasonable efforts to verify that any request to receive such data is a bona fide request by a parent/guardian entitled to review the data. Parents/legal guardians may be asked to produce photo identification to verify their relationship to the student. With the disclosure of ratings, parents/legal guardians may also request an oral or written explanation of the final quality ratings and be offered opportunities to understand such ratings in the context of teacher evaluation and student performance.