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Welcome to the Guidance office!

Senior Interviews

Senior parents are encouraged to attend their child's senior interview during the month of September. During this meeting, we will discuss your child's transcript, GPA, high school credits, and talk about plans for after graduation.  We will look at the college admissions & financial aid process, along with exploring career paths.  I look forward in working with you and your senior on this amazing milestone!

College Applications

There are two applications students can complete while applying for college, the Common Application and Application

Students who are applying to state and private schools can fill out the Common Application - $50 application fee PER COLLEGE

Students who are applying to State schools ONLY will fill out the SUNY Application -$50 application fee PER COLLEGE

ALL students who are applying to community colleges will complete applications found on the specific college's website. Community Colleges applications are FREE.

Students who receive free/reduced lunch are eligible for application fee waivers. 

For More information regarding college applications, please see Mrs. Belile.
Our School CEEB code: 333235

Selective Service Memo

An important announcement for all 17 and 18 year old men.

We want you to remember that when you turn 18, it is the law that you register with Selective Service. You must register within 30 days of your 18th birthday. The Selective Service now accepts early submission of registration information by 17-year-old men.  Men can now submit information at age 17 years and 3 months old, and be automatically registered when they turn 18.

It is your civic responsibility to register with Selective Service.  By registering, you remain eligible for student loans and grants, job training, government jobs, and driver’s licenses in most states.

For more information or go to

Mrs. Sarah Belile,
School Counselor

Ms. Renee Breault,
School Counselor Intern, St. Bonaventure
Mrs. Megan Bush,
Guidance Secretary